Kernkraft gehört in die globale Energiezukunft, sagt S & P Global Ratings

12.11.2019 Nuclear power generation should remain a part of the global energy mix despite challenges related to tightening regulations, safety concerns, ageing asset bases, and increasingly volatile energy markets, S&P Global Ratings says in two reports published today. Both reports study the ‚energy transition‘, as Nuclear Dead and Alive and Different Nuclear Energy Policies, Diverging

US-Präsident lehnt Antrag auf Uranimportquote ab

16.07.2019 US President rejects request for uranium import quota   Uranium imports do not threaten the national security of the USA, President Donald Trump has decided in his response to the Uranium Miners’ Section 232 Petition. He did however call for a „fuller analysis“ of national security considerations with respect to the entire nuclear fuel supply