„Der Klimawandel erfordert, dass die Energiequelle Atomkraft von der Welt neu beleuchtet wird“, sagt der Direktor der UNECE

12. November 2018 Climate change demands world ‚revisits‘ nuclear, says UNECE director The search for solutions to climate change must include discussion of nuclear power, Scott Foster, director of the Sustainable Energy Division of UNECE, told World Nuclear News (WNN) today. Nuclear power has for the first time been included on the programme of the

Die IAEA hebt die Rolle der Kernkraft bei der Bekämpfung des Klimawandels hervor

17. September 2018 IAEA highlights nuclear’s role in combating climate change Nuclear power can make a „vital contribution to meeting climate change targets while delivering the increasingly large quantities of electricity needed for global economic development,“ according to a new report by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The report, Climate Change and Nuclear Power 2018,

Elektrofahrzeuge und die Chancen bzw. Auswirkungen auf die Kernenergie

07.09.2018 Electric vehicles and opportunities for nuclear energy The electrification of transport could potentially offer many opportunities for nuclear generation, Brandon Munro told the World Nuclear Association Symposium 2018 in London today. The acceleration in global sales of electric vehicles (EVs) over the past six years is a key litmus test signalling the reality of this shift, the

Cameco beschliesst die Aussetzung der Produktion bei den Minen McArthur River und Key Lake auf unbestimmte Zeit

26.07.2018 Cameco shutdown extended indefinitely Cameco is extending the suspension of production at McArthur River and Key Lake „for an indeterminate duration“, CEO Tim Gitzel announced yesterday. The Saskatchewan operations have been out of production since January. Gitzel’s announcement accompanied Cameco’s second quarter results, which Gitzel said reflected the impact of a weak uranium market and